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Death and the Fallen Angel by Pyxis

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This page contains all artworks drawn by friends. For more information about the contributors, you can check out the Contributor Info section in the "about site" section, or you can check the Profile link next to their names (if available).

There are two different types of sections on this page. Under "Miscellaneous Contributions" you'll find various artworks by friends. For those who have more than 5 contributions, I've placed their art under "Gallery" sections for easier viewing.

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May 14, 2003
Just a minor update, uploaded shadowblitz's profile for those who want to get to know the artist more. ^^

May 12, 2003
New Dizzy fanart by shadowblitz!

May 7, 2003
First update in a long time! I finally fixed the page a bit, changing the format of the front page a bit, adding thumbnails, and segregating the Guest Gallery sections into different pages. Plus, 5 new GGX/XX fanart by a new guest artists shadowblitz and Zero! Check them out!

    Miscellaneous Contributions Back to top shadowblitz | Dizzy from the Guilty Gear series - new shadowblitz | I-no from Guilty Gear XX shadowblitz | Millia Rage from Guilty Gear X/XX shadowblitz | Millia when she was still an assassin Zero | a headshot of Millia Rage Zero | Dizzy sitting around Eternity.DK | a cute shonen Onslaught | colored head shot of an elf girl Onslaught | an elf girl standing Onslaught | a female winged elf Onslaught | a male winged elf warrior

    Gallery: ako_ay_cute .. 24 works

    Gallery: Pyxis .. 11 works

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