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Death and the Fallen Angel by Pyxis


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Pyxis (my mastah!!) is (or was) my college blockmate in DLSU. Unlike me she's prolly graduated by now. Anyways we've been doodling together in every boring class since first year (which is around... 90% of the classes we've taken together), and all I can say is this is one talented gal. The drawings in this gallery doesn't do her justice, and unfortunately I wasn't able to get my hands on her better ones. But at least it gives you an idea of her style.

Just gotta love that "death and the fallen angel"...

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4hd.jpg.....b&w | four-hoof drive
angelthorn.jpg.....b&w | a bleeding angel
cartoon.jpg.....b&w | some cute cartoon doodles
death.jpg.....color | death and the fallen angel loneliness is when the heart beats in silence enshrouded by the shadows of solitude... hatred becomes your ally, death your only lover and friend...
fantasy.jpg.....b&w | a girl and a rogue

girlncat.jpg.....cb&w | a small drawing of a girl holding her cat
pyxart1.jpg.....b&w | Ghost, Cat, and a victrola
pyxart2.jpg.....b&w | Alvin the plant open for publicity shots
pyxart3.jpg.....b&w | Cat locked out
shamuneko.jpg.....color | a siamese cat-girl
turtle.jpg.....b&w | a girl by a river holding a turtle

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