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Death and the Fallen Angel by Pyxis


Guest Galleries: Pyxis

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I met aac back when I used to post at the Electronic Gaming forum in PinoyExchange. She was one of the artists who posted in the fanart thread I made, I saw her works were pretty good and since she didn't have a webpage, I asked if I could host her works on my site.

Aside from being a good artist, she also has many talents. One of them is composing ringtones straight on the phone... she sure is a heckuvalot more patient than I am :P

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aeris_and_yuffie.jpg..... b&w | fanart of Aeris and Yuffie from FF7
athena_oldschool.jpg..... color | Athena Asamiya in her oldschool costume
char_design_1.jpg..... b&w | her own character, a girl skilled in martial arts
char_design_2.jpg..... b&w | more character designs!
char_design_4.jpg..... b&w | a highly-skilled archer and her alter ego

char_design_5.jpg..... b&w | same character with a whip-bearing girl
char_design_6.jpg..... b&w | the whip girl and the archer
ellone_and_selphie.jpg..... b&w | fanart of Ellone and Selphie from FF8
kof98_fem_team.jpg..... b&w | a new KOF female team
kof98_fem_swim1.jpg..... color | a close up shot of aac's KOF team wearing swimsuits

kof98_fem_swim2.jpg..... color | it's raining men! ;P
kof98_fem_swim3.jpg..... color | the 3 girls with the other girls in the background
kof98_fem_red.jpg..... color | aac's KOF female team, in red
kof98_fem_white.jpg..... color | aac's KOF female team, in white
maryandmai.jpg..... color | Blue Mary and Mai Shiranui

pic_1.jpg..... color | colored fanart of Ellone and Selphie from FF8
pic_2.jpg..... color | aac's new KOF female team in color
pic_3.jpg..... color | a fanart of Athena Asamiya from KOF 1998-2000
pic_4.jpg..... color | fanart of Shermie & Mai Shiranui
pic_5.jpg..... color | solo pic of Mai

pic_6.jpg..... color | Quistis from Final Fantasy 8
pic_7.jpg..... color | FF7 love triangle
rinoa_fanart.jpg..... b&w | fan art of Rinoa from Final Fantasy 8
squall_rinoa_part2.jpg..... b&w | a real... umm... sweet drawing of Squall and Rinoa ^^;

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